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How do I make my unblocking request?

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  • In the case of the PEE/PEI and the Collective PER :

1️⃣ You can make your request directly from your Epsor personal space by clicking on the “Operations” tab , on the left, then on “ withdrawal from my savings ”,

2️⃣ Indicate the plan(s) concerned, then the funds to disinvest to reach the desired amount,

3️⃣ Attach the requested supporting documents ,

4️⃣ Validate the operation.

  • In the case of a Mandatory PER :

1️⃣ Make a request to customer service by chat (from your personal space), e-mail ( ) or telephone (01 89 71 10 76).

2️⃣ You will receive an e-mail with a withdrawal form to complete and sign, also remember to attach your supporting documents.

3️⃣ We will send you a confirmation email once the documents have been received.